Nashville Purge: Sunday, Oct 31st 7-9pm


Will you survive the night?

The Nashville Purge has brought lawless chaos to the downtown area.  Your team will be led by an expert guide.  You will have to find weapons & ammunition to fight your way through the anarchist gangs that hold the city.  Your team will show the rest of the terrified population that WE CAN fight back!

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Similar to a traditional haunted house, only you will be armed and dangerous.
Each team will have a max of 8 participants, plus a guide.
If you do not have 8 people in your group, you will be paired with others.
This mission will last around 20-25 minutes.
You will be provided the appropriate safety gear.
All participants will have the option to use an airsoft gun.
This is an intense experience, with flashing lights.
You MUST follow our safety rules, or you will have to leave the mission early.
**Before being allowed in the arena, you MUST fill out our online waiver.  You can find that here:


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