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Middle Tennessee’s Best Indoor Airsoft Field

Store Hours

Monday & Tuesday | CLOSED
Wednesday | 12PM – 9PM
Thursday | 12PM – 8PM
Friday | 12PM – 9PM
Saturday | 10AM – 9PM
Sunday | 1PM – 6PM

Field Hours

Monday & Tuesday | CLOSED
Wednesday | 3PM – 9PM
Thursday | 3PM – 8PM (Nerf)
Friday | 12PM – 9PM
Saturday | 10AM – 9PM
Sunday | 1PM – 6PM

Which Player Are You?

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New Players

Never Played or only played a handful of times

Regular Players

Have been playing for awhile

Pro Players/Teams

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Nerf Thursdays! Every Thursday

What is it?

Boasting 30,000 square feet, our arena is filled with various structures, rooms and vehicles, offering an ideal setting for tactical training and game play. We play high-energy objective game modes like 1 flag domination, which is sure to keep you moving and get your adrenaline pumping.

When is it?

Every Thursday from 3pm to 8pm. June 6 to August 1.

Who is it for?

5-13 years old

How Much?

$25 = 2hrs; $50 = Day


Food: There’s a snack shack with pizza, nachos, and other concession snacks. Water and sports drinks are also available.
Parking: Free parking with plenty of spaces available.
Parents/Adults must sign a waiver for children to play. No drop Oiffs. Fyi Flashing lights and fog are a part of gameplay.

Private Events

Want to book a Nerf private event or Nerf birthday party? Click the button below to easily book a nerf private birthday party!

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Nashville Airsoft

Whether it’s for a birthday party, team building experience, or bachelor party, having your party at NA is the best way to celebrate! One of our three party packages is sure to fit your needs. All our party packages include 2 hours in private room, full rental gear for registered players, and field play. Select packages include pizza, drinks, cake, and/or a private game. Click BOOK NOW to select the party package that is right for your group and lock in your party!

Nashville Airsoft offers a unique and exciting experience for private and corporate events. Airsoft is a team-based combat simulation game that uses realistic-looking weapons that shoot non-lethal plastic pellets. The game requires strategy, communication, and teamwork to succeed, making it an excellent activity for team building and employee bonding.
Nashville Airsoft provides a variety of game scenarios and event options to suit the needs and preferences of any group. We have a huge indoor arena as well as rental equipment and experienced staff to guide participants through the game. Private events at Nashville Airsoft can range from simple team-building exercises to full-blown competitions, making it an engaging and memorable experience for everyone involved. BOOK NOW to reserve your event at NA!

Reserve our entire 30,000 sq ft facility to train your team. Nashville Airsoft’s arena has themed rooms, structures and vehicles to create a real-life scenario. Use our equipment or bring your own. CALL US today to discuss available dates and special pricing.

About Nashville Airsoft

Nashville Airsoft is the premier airsoft destination in Tennessee. Our 30,000 square foot warehouse offers an experience unlike any other. With a massive selection of guns, gear, and accessories for sale, as well as rentals, we are the go-to spot for airsoft enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

Our team of experienced veterans has custom designed this space to provide the perfect airsoft experience. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned pro looking for a new challenge, Nashville Airsoft is the place to be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airsoft

Airsoft is a recreational activity that involves shooting plastic pellets with an airsoft gun. The pellets are typically 6mm in size and are made of either biodegradable plastic or polyethylene. Airsoft guns come in a variety of sizes and types, from realistic-looking handguns to scaled-down versions of military weapons. Airsoft games often involve tactics and strategy similar to paintball, but without the mess.

What is the age limit to play airsoft?

The minimum age to play at Nashville airsoft is 10 years old with a parental guardian and 16+ years old without. We also will be introducing nerf guns so a younger audience can play on the field soon.

What is the cost to play airsoft?

The cost of playing airsoft can vary depending on the venue and equipment used. Generally, it costs around $20-65 per person to cover basic expenses like ammunition and field fees. Some venues may also require additional safety equipment such as protective masks or goggles, which can add to the total cost.

Benefits of Airsoft

Airsoft is a fun and challenging sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Our massive  30,000 Square foot facility offers something for everyone.

Our team of experienced veterans will help you get the most out of your airsoft experience.

This is the perfect place to unleash your inner warrior.

Find new friends and allies here.

Experience the thrill of battle in a safe and controlled environment