1. All players are required to have full seal eye protection with mouth protection. A
split system with full seal eye protection and a steel lower mesh mask is allowed.
2. Removal of your mask for any reason on the field is prohibited for any reason,
doing so will result in immediate removal from the field with no refund given.
3. Barrel socks are required for all replicas until instructed by referee or staff
4. While off the field magazines MUST BE OUT, sidearms need to have the
magazine out and slide locked back or placed in a holster.
5. No Shooting off the field this includes dry firing, test firing, and unloading
6. DO NOT aim your replica at anyone when not on the field with the intention of
shooting them
7. Climbing is not allowed.
8. You must be able to see your target as well as your target needs to be able to
see you. Blind Firing is not allowed.
9. DO NOT shoot players on the field not wearing eye protection, yell BLIND MAN
and get the nearest referee.
10. Shooting a referee intentionally on the field will result in an ejection from the
game with no refund given.
11. Arguing with a referee will result in your removal from the game, if you have an
issue with a call that has been made contact the lead referee or field manager at
the end of the game.
12. Drugs and Alcohol are not permitted on the premise
13. Real weapons are not permitted during any game this includes firearms and
14. High Pressure Airguns (HPA) are required to be tournament locked.
15. All Replicas are required to pass a chronograph test EVERY play day. Old
chronograph readings are not allowed to be used on different days using an old
chronograph reading will result in an ejection from the field.
16. Players are subject to a spot check chronograph check on and off the field at the
referees or staffs discretion.
17. Airsoft is an honor based game. Not calling hits repeatedly will result in ejection
from the field with no refund.
18. Do NOT yell at other players, any dispute should be handled by a referee this
includes instances of hit calling.
19. This field has a 3 shot rule, repeated offenses of over shooting will result in
ejection with no refund
20. Friendly fire DOES count
21. Grenades must be approved by the field manager.
22. Tossing grenades over buildings and walls is not allowed
23. All flashlights must be 1300 lumens or less
24. What do you do if you see a frog on the field?  Return it to the river.

25. Safety kills are recommended but are not required, players have the option to
offer and accept them
26. Open toe shoes are not allowed at this facility.