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Brand: Heckler & Koch
The HK UMP: an iconic submachine gun used by the world's elite government and law enforcement agencies. What's it stand for? Well, besides freedom, UMP stands for Universal Machine Pistol and is universally awesome when it comes to close-quarter battle. Naturally, we went ahead and licensed several models for airsoft, including this exquisite gas blowback version. Built from the ground up with first-rate parts & materials, the HK UMP GBB is part of our Elite Series of products and earns its keep in our flagship line with a high-strength polymer body, folding stock, adjustable hop-up, functional bolt release as well as the signature HK-style charging handle. While many select-fire rifles and submachine guns feature 3 standard options (Safe, Semi, and Full-Auto), the HK UMP GBB features a fourth option: 2-shot burst. Double-tap your opponents to your heart's content! Don't let the fun end at 30-rounds. Pick up some extra HK UMP gas magazines to stay in the fight. While you're at it, be sure to stock up on Elite Force Fuel, our premium green gas, to keep your HK UMP fully charged and ready for action. Licensed Trademark of Heckler & Koch GmbH
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