Glove Station Hyper-Fit Gloves

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Glove Station Hyper-Fit Gloves
Product Details
Brand: Glove Station
Enhance your paintball experience with dedicated gloves designed for the sport. Whether you're walking the trigger or just double-tapping down the line, the finger-less design helps maintain optimal trigger control. These lightweight gloves may feel bare, but they don't skimp out on protection or breathability. The vented mesh, neoprene padding, and specific TPR zones are seamlessly combined for maximum airflow and protection from any incoming fire. The additional hexagonal textured coating on the palm boosts the grip on the marker, allowing you to anchor it right on your shoulder. Defining what it means to fit like a glove, the Hyper-Fit paintball gloves provide the ultimate balance between control, protection, and fit.

  • Finger-less Index and Middle Fingers
  • Lightweight Neoprene Padding and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
  • Hexagonal Textured Palm Coating
  • Vented Mesh and Neoprene Fabrics Provide Maximum Breathability
  • Industry-Leading Protection Policy To Ensure 100% Satisfaction
  • Multiple Sizes Available