Ninja Super Lite Carbon Fiber HPA Tank

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Brand: Ninja

The industry made a giant leap forward with the release of the Ninja Superlite SL series of tanks. We came together with our years of experience to develop the lightest weight tank in paintball.

Now we have the next evolution in SL technology. The SL2. The SL2 systems are even lighter than ever. these tanks are available in 3 sizes and  different colors to offer the most options and colors to the players:

- 68 Cubic Inch Black, Red, Blue, Lime, black/lime, black/white, black/blue, gunsmoke

- 77 Cubic Inch Black, Red, Blue, Lime, black/lime, black/white, black/blue, gunsmoke

These tanks come standard with our Standard Ninja regulator and have the option to have any of our 4,500 psi rated regulators mounted on them.


  • 68cu / 4500 PSI Super Lite 2 Carbon Fiber Compressed Air HPA Paintball Tank.
  • 5-Year Hydro Re-testing Cycle: The date stamped on the tank is the date the tank was manufactured, NOT an expiration date. Tanks are good for 5 years after the stamped date, at which point, the tank will need to be re-hydro tested.
  • DOT and TC-approved cylinder
  • All compressed air HPA tanks are shipped EMPTY to comply with Department of Transportation laws. Tanks must be filled before use. Designed with safety as a top priority.
  • Made in the USA - All Ninja Paintball regulators are designed, built, and tested in the USA.
  • Direct USA factory customer service and technical support.
  • One-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Ninja PRO V3 Series Regulator:

Our PRO V3 series of regulators takes our already very popular and innovative PRO V2 regulator and improves upon it even further.

Ninja PRO V3 regulators are fully rotational so you can set the gauge and fill the nipple in any position you want without digging into your wrist. This regulator, like all Ninja regulators, also features our New Pin style output. this improves and offers increased flow over other regs. This regulator comes with either a durable Stainless-steel or aluminum bonnet, mini fill valve, and micro gauge. Also available as SLP and SHP and 3k rated for 3000 psi tanks.

Ninja Ultralite Regulator:

Similar to our Standard Ninja regulator, the Ultralite regulator is a bit lighter by offering smaller parts and a lightweight aluminum bonnet. The UL Regulator ships at 800psi and comes with the ability to adjust your output pressure from 500psi, 650psi, or 800psi. This regulator comes standard with a micro gauge and mini fill valve to save weight. Also available is built to 3k for a 3000 psi tank.

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