Umarex Readyair Airgun HPA Compressor

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The Smart PCP Airgun Compressor that's Oilless!

Umarex ReadyAir Features

  • Oil-Free: Requires no oil!
  • No Water Needed: Cooled by High Power Fans
  • Digital Auto-Shut Off Controls: Stops at the Pressure You Set it To
  • Smart Auto Shut Off Overheat Temperature Protection
  • Simple to Operate and Maintain
  • Robust Portable Design: Just 25 lbs.
  • Legitimately Fills up to 4,500 psi: Ideal for Airgun Filling
  • Powered by Electricity: Standard household 110 volt or 12 volts
  • No External Converter Box!
  • Dual Language Capability: English / Spanish
  • High-Pressure Hose Included
  • Long 12-volt Cables Included
  • 110-volt Power Cable Included
  • Maintenance Kit Included (suggested after 20 hours of operation)

Umarex ReadyAir Filling Times

All times are approximate.
Fill time can be affected by altitude and condition rings and seals.


Umarex Gauntlet with 13 cu in air cylinder
Empty to 3,000 psi
7 minutes

Umarex Hammer with 24 cu in air cylinder
28 cu in when completely void of air
Empty to 4,500 psi
27 minutes
Top Offs after two shots approx. 10 minutes

Umarex AirSaber with 14.6 cu in air cylinder
Empty to 3,625 psi
11.5 minutes

Walther Reign
Empty to 3,300 psi
8.5 minutes

Umarex Origin .22 with 8.5 cu in air cylinder and Ever Pressure Tank System
Empty to 3,625 psi
4 minutes

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