Valken MERICA® PRO Paintballs .68 Caliber - 2000 ct.

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Brand: Valken

A uniquely American sport like paintball deserves a uniquely American, high-quality paintball! Valken Merica™ PRO paintballs deliver a consistently round, straight-shooting, and crisp-breaking shell ideal for both competitive, tournament-style paintball combined with a thick, incredibly radiant fill that marks brightly while remaining environmentally friendly and easy to clean! Reliable and consistent, Valken Merica™ PRO paintballs deliver the quality that serious paintball players and game operators deserve - made right here in the USA at Victory Gelcaps!

The Founding Fathers (probably) - Give me liberty, or give me G's!
Valken Merica™ PRO paintballs feature a Liberty Shell that delivers a straight, accurate shot and a consistently round shape and size, shot after shot, case after case, making these 68-caliber paintballs a great choice for more competitive, tournament-style play! Merica™ PRO paintballs feature one-shot UNITED accuracy and shell consistency for jam-free feeding, velocity consistency, and a crisp break on-target required by competitive paintball while Merica™ Amber Waves of PEG fill deliver a bright mark on-target that any referee can see!

4.5 Trophy Paintball - consistently round, reliable feeding, accurate shooting, crisp-breaking and a bright yet easily cleaned fill ideal for practically any style or level of play!
  • High-quality paintballs MADE IN THE USA at Victory Gelcaps!
  • Merica™ PRO LIBERTY SHELL - a more brittle, tournament-formula Merica™ grade paintball!
  • LIBERTY SHELL-Consistent, round shell for repeatable velocity, a crisp break on-target, and smooth feeding through hoppers or magazines
  • LIBERTY SHELL- split shell that is easy to track going out, but difficult to spot coming in!
  • UNITED ACCURACY-predictable, reliable accuracy shot after shot!
  • FREEDOM FILL-Bright, thick fill for radiant, brilliant marks on target
  • Ideal for both hopper and mag-fed paintball guns
  • Manufactured from environmentally safe PEG
  • Protected by cardboard dividers to ensure quality case after case
  • 68 caliber paintballs
  • 2000 count case



  • Caliber: 0.68 inches
  • Quantity: 2000 paintballs
  • Non-staining, environmentally safe ingredients
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