New Players

New Players are always welcome!

Before You Play Checklist

  1.  Before being able to play you MUST fill out a WAIVER HERE
  2. Lancer Tactical LED bands required (Available for sale in our shop or with rental packages)
  3. Comfortable clothes are recommended and closed-toe shoes required
  4. Review Arena Rules and General Airsoft rules below
  5. You Can Bring your own equipment as long as your AEG is under 1.54 Joules and HPA under 1.45 Joules.
  6. We do have rental packages available, see below for more information

Rental Packages

Standard Rental

We provide Standard Rentals that include:

  • Lancer Tactical Gen 3 Hellion Airsoft Gun
  • Battery
  • Mask
  • Mags w/BBs
  • LED Armband

Premium Rental

We provide Premium Rentals that include:

  • Zion Arms R15 with Acetech Brighter C Tracer
  • Batteries
  • Mask
  • 2 Midcap mags
  • Tracer BBs
  • LED Arm Band

Platinum Rental

We provide Platinum Rentals that include:

  • HPA Wolverine MTW with Tracer Unit & Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Tank Line and Regulator
  • Mask
  • 2 Midcap mags
  • Tracer BBs
  • LED Arm Band

Basic Airsoft Rules

  1. Always wear eye protection while on the field.
  2. All guns must be inspected by the field staff before use.
  3. Keep your gun’s muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times, even when it’s not loaded.
  4. Only use approved BBs that meet the field’s requirements.
  5. Do not remove your eye protection while on the field.
  6. Do not shoot at other players at close range, especially in the head or face.
  7. Do not bring any real weapons onto the field.
  8. Do not use drugs or alcohol before or during gameplay.
  9. Follow the designated boundaries of the playing field.
  10. Listen to and follow the instructions of the field staff.
  11. Do not intentionally cause harm to other players or the facility.
  12. Use common sense and good sportsmanship at all times.

Remember that these rules are in place to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone involved. Always follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the field staff and take responsibility for your own actions while on the field.

Field and Rental Pricing

Hour Pass
5 Hour Pass
All Day Pass
Standard Rental

Includes Standard Gun, Mask, Battery, Light Up Band, and BB’s

Premium Rental

Includes Premium Gun, Mask, Battery, Light Up Band, and BB’s

Platinum Rental

Includes Platinum Gun, Mask, Battery, Tank, Line, Regulator, Light Up band, and BB’s